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Global Technology Management helps vendors, systems integrators and governments to understand how a nation's borders are operated and managed, how immigration benefits and law enforcement systems work, and how transportation networks, enabling technologies, and other infrastructures are used to support these critical functions.

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In Depth Experience

GTM has been called on by a wide array of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and international organizations to help them develop new products and opportunities for these markets, to respond to challenges brought on by ever-changing government operational requirements, and to address the new demand for homeland security solutions. Some examples of GTM's leadership in this arena include:

  • Team member on the Department of Homeland Security OBIM program
  • Team member on the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service's Application Support Center program
  • Advisors to government and contractor staff as senior subject matter experts on immigration and border operations
  • Researchers of potential immigration violators and terrorism risks in databases
  • Service provider for Defense Threat Reduction Agency border management programs
  • Consultants to U.S., Canadian, and United Kingdom governments and other governments in the Asia-Pacific, Central America, South America and Europe regions
  • Technical experts in key U.S. and international immigration operational systems
  • Managers of field operations, port-of-entry operations, and border interdiction programs as senior executives in U.S. Government
  • Consultants to national governments and international organizations such as the International Organization on Migration, the Caribbean Community, and the Inter-American Development Bank.
  • We help our clients learn the market, deliver quality services, extend product and service offerings, and generate new sources of revenue. The resulting list of success stories has validated the GTM formula: Knowledge, trust, integrity, entrepreneurship, and a focused awareness of a client's goals.

    Information Technology

    Discover the ways GTM helps US Citizenship & Immigration Services to develop and implement advanced software solutions to support agency operations

    Homeland Security

    See how GTM supports US Department of Homeland Security programs by providing technical and administrative staff to DHS agencies

    Immigration Systems

    Understand why governments and solution developers call on GTM for its expertise in managing major migration challenges

    Border Operations

    Learn how GTM is putting over 50 years of border management experience to work for governments, international organizations and technology providers