Border Operations

Developing proven state-of-the-art solutions for a complex, multi-stakeholder environment

Canadian border crossing via bridge

GTM provides consulting services to international governments and organizations, border control agencies, and systems integrators who are seeking effective border management solutions. GTM advises governments on the adoption of modern technologies to enforce entry requirements and facilitate the movement of legitimate travelers. GTM emphasizes a systematic and integrated approach that deters abuse without causing negative effects on border commerce and tourism. GTM experience in this area includes:

  • Advising governments on the use of state of the art identification card and passport issuance systems
  • Working with governments, airlines and other stakeholders to establish advance passenger information (API) systems to identify travelers of interest
  • Leading government and industry efforts to develop biometric-based automated border clearance systems
  • Conducting detailed analyses of how governments worldwide have addressed facilitation and enforcement challenges through the adoption of border automation
  • Recommending new approaches to border management through the integration of API, lookout databases, and front line tools such as passport readers and biometric identification technologies

  • This unique specialty has led institutions such as the International Organization on Migration, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the World Bank to call on GTM to put together workable migration management solutions that straddle a complex multi-stakeholder environment. For the same reason major carriers such as United Airlines have sought GTM expertise to streamline passenger processes, and technology companies have called on GTM to develop specialized products that can improve border security through the use of biometric scanners and passport readers. GTM’s broad credibility in this arena has led governments around the world to tap its expertise on automated border control technology and migration flow management.

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