Immigration Systems

Managing mass migration events and the resultant impact on government operations

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Immigration Systems

The GTM team has unequaled experience in managing complex, international scale immigration benefits and control systems. From establishing and operating the world's largest and most successful legalization program to developing today's web-based application processes, GTM executives and senior consultants are at the forefront of efforts to improve how governments address critical migration management missions.‚Äč

Examples of GTM's in-depth experience in immigration benefits systems include:

  • Setting up and operating ad hoc programs to handle mass migration events
  • Configuring specialized support functions such as call centers and regional benefits centers
  • Advising governments on legal and regulatory changes to help manage legal and illegal immigration challenges
  • Determining the feasibility of applying new technologies to streamline application and adjudication processes
  • Information Technology

    Discover the ways GTM helps US Citizenship & Immigration Services to develop and implement advanced software solutions to support agency operations

    Homeland Security

    See how GTM supports US Department of Homeland Security programs by providing technical and administrative staff to DHS agencies

    Border Operations

    Learn how GTM is putting over 50 years of border management experience to work for governments, international organizations and technology providers