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GTM plays a vital role in bringing Agile methods and thinking to Federal IT systems at US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS). With our partners within the Office of Information Technology, we have helped to re-shape the agency’s software development practices towards and Agile approach.

The Agile software development methodology has been embraced by DHS agencies to enable software to be developed rapidly, with a flexible response to change. The Agile Manifesto developed in the 2000s calls for these development objectives to be achieved through continuous customer/stakeholder collaboration, adaptive planning and quick response to evolving conditions.

The Agile process stresses an iterative and incremental approach that adapts to change rather than one that attempts to plan for all known future needs at the onset. In this environment, GTM’s Agile experts work as a team with DHS staff to coordinate all phases of development by cross-functional teams involved in planning, analysis, design, coding, unit testing and acceptance testing. GTM’s professional approach to technical, process and enterprise coaching ensures that this revolutionary transition to the Agile framework occurs smoothly and meets the Department’s rigorous operational requirements.

Global Technology Management, Inc. played a key role in NTT Data’s SATS contract with US Citizenship and Immigration Services. The contract provides IT Quality Assurance, Accessibility (508) Testing, and Agile Coaching and Training services to the agency. A major achievement of the contract was the re-definition of the quality assurance role in an Agile environment. This partnership continues to date on the follow-on QATS and D-QATS contracts, which deliver similar services.

GTM is part of the team that is moving USCIS to the forefront of Agile Software Development practices within the Federal government. GTM’s staff of three is part of the upper echelon of NTT Data’s operations providing subject matter expertise to CIS and NTT Data, providing Agile training and coaching to the program and agency, senior technical support of the QA function, and consulting support of all projects launched under the contract(s), including detailed knowledge of agency systems, operations, organization, and history.

Specific projects include:

  • Developing a complete agile training curriculum
  • Providing operational testing support for IT systems
  • Designing automated build pipelines for software development
  • Implementing automated accessibility testing tools
  • Implementing code-scanning technologies
  • Value-Stream mapping of selected systems and projects within USCIS

  • GTM's work with the Office of Information Technology have helped to reshape USCIS's software development practices. This includes Coaching of Scrum Teams, Testing Support, re-defining how QA works within Agile, and development and delivery of a complete curriculum of Agile Training. The training program is now sought about by federal employees in at least 23 federal agencies.

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